Automated check calls

Set parameters to multiple carrier types through automated check call settings. Set on a per carrier basis on hours sent, frequency and types of check calls including:

  • Pick up on Schedule
  • In Transit
  • Delivery on Schedule
  • Out For Delivery
  • Delivered

Carriers can automatically update the status of the shipment alerting users and your clients simultaneously. Users will be alerted if updates have not been entered by carriers within a set time period to ensure all updates are made swiftly.

Automated tracking updates to customers

Reduce the workflow of sending emails individually to clients updating them on the status of their shipment. With TransporTech, your customers will get professional looking, automated updates on the status of their shipment based on the level of communication they require.

  • Customer update requirements set in customer profile portal
  • As tracking notes are added, the ability to make private or send to your customer
  • Visual tracking tree for quick review of tracking status

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Historical pricing for customers

Take the guesswork out of spot quoting with Historical Pricing feature. This powerful mass data analytics will show the user past rates all similar shipments based on locations, equipement, size, weight plus more. Not only can you view this data for a particular customer but you can filter to all shipments your company have booked in the past to compare quotes across the board. Giving you further insight and allowing you better ods to secure your spot quotes.

Carrier equipment and lane tracking

Reduce the guesswork of which of your carriers have what type of equipment to and from which lanes they run with the carrier lane and equipment feature. This robust functionality tracks carriers lanes along with equipment conveyance, types, sizes and attributes.

A user can enter information through the carrier profile or as shipments are booked through the system, it automatically stores the equipment data in the carrier profile and will suggest that carrier for your next equipment specific move.

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Suggested and Historical Freight Rates

Keep track of carrier rates and customer pricing on past shipments in order to ensure consistency on carrier costs and quotes to your clients. This tool can be used to run reports on specific lanes, conveyances, shipment types and sizes in order to properly estimate shipping costs based on past shipments. Not only can you run customer and carrier specific data, you can also extract cost and pricing info on specific carriers and or customers. This allows users to quickly ascertain costs in order to rapidly quote clients without running multiple rating modules or rate sheets.


The TransporTech dashboard was designed to allow users to have a snapshot of all current quotes and shipments in one place. This allows them to quickly ascertain the state of all current functions, helping them focus on more urgent tasks at hand giving them a holistic view of the day to day sales and operational tasks at hand.

This dashboard includes tasks, shipments to be dispatched, carrier dispatch acceptance, pick ups, deliveries plus more. It also includes visual cues for the user in order to allow them to focus on more critical tasks at hand giving the user a fluid workflow to follow in a quicker amount of time with less errors.

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When our team initially started the design of TransporTech, one of the main goals was to design a system that reduced many of the manual, redundant tasks that occur which bogs employees down taking time away from more important functions. Reducing the time spent on these tasks allows our users to focus on more critical functions throughout their day. Some of these main functions include:

  • Customer quote approval
  • Carrier dispatch acceptance
  • Carrier tracking check calls
  • Carrier tracking updates
  • Intra email connectivity
  • Invoicing

Key Process Indicators

Take the guesswork out of current revenue, profit, shipments booked vs. quoted plus more with this powerful business insight tool. Knowing this information is key to your business financial health. With this tool you will know where you stand financially every hour of the day without having to run reports individually.

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Shipper and Receiver Locations Database

The logistics industry is driven on information and the more you have, the better your odds are of performing timely, error free pickups and deliveries. As we know, all shippers and receivers are different and carry many nuances. Keeping track of each parties process is essential to a successful shipment every time.

Besides basic info such as addresses and contacts, the TransporTech locations database keeps track of the following shippers and receivers requirements:

  • Hours of operation
  • Specific hours for a specific shipment
  • Appointment booking management procedures
  • Equipment and equipment attributes required for
  • loading / unloading
  • Reference #’s required
  • Contact name, phone #, department and email
  • Paperwork / Bill of lading send to contacts
  • Extra notes for a specific shipment
  • Extra location notes for all shipments
  • Intra email messaging system for clients and vendors

Additional Functionalities

  • Canadian designed to handle taxes and Canadian process
  • API and EDI 3rd party applications enabled
  • Synchronization with Quick books and all other major accounting systems

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